Sasha & Alan Go to the

and the

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Holly had a busy work weekend so Alan & Sasha go play at the Virginia Children's Festival!

Sasha likes to sneak attack the people dressed up as predators (lions, cheetahs, etc) from behind

"So this is a horse eh?  They're tiny!"

As we passed Elmo and Dorothy, Sasha pointed out the next place she wanted to go

Toddler-Town, Hurray!!

Sasha fulfills her obsessive compulsive need to touch every little kid within touching distance

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  1. Toddler Town Crawl

Sasha climbs for a while but her attention is soon focused elsewhere

Sasha sees Dora the Explorer and Boots.  Unfortunately the line to meet them is about 2 hours long.


 And Dora, prima donna that she is, 
constantly leaves everyone waiting while she goes to her trailer to "freshen up"


But Sasha has a plan to meet Dora.
Nothing too elaborate, but it will involve stealing an ambulance.

"OK, no one saw me climb up here, now I just have to casually drive this over to Dora's trailer"


But someone did see her, and moments later, her plan foiled,
Sasha was taken into the custody of the Norfolk Police Department.

I negotiated her release and as a part of her plea bargain she hesitantly agreed
to have her picture taken with Clifford the Big Red Dog instead of Dora.

She was disappointed, but it was nothing a little tube crawling wouldn't fix.


Uh, Oh Sasha.  Better yield to that bigger kid until the tunnel's clear


Now you can make your move

Looks like a busy intersection up ahead.  Do you want the yellow tube again or blue?


Blue seems like a good choice 
and you look like you crawled into the opening credits for a James Bond movie too!


"Who's that over there?  Chucky from the Rugrats?  That's so 10 years ago!"


Sasha test drives a miniature Nascar


And then checks out a Monster Fire Truck


Sasha Kai: Fire-Baby Brigade Commander


Investigation of the Mother Goose statue in the center of Toddler Town


"Yup.  It's just a statue.  Now I'll ride this pony into the sunset."

"I was playing on this lion for a while then I looked on the stage and couldn't believe my eyes!"

"It was Gordon from Sesame Street!  He was doing a show and we all got to sing along!"

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  1. Gordon Sing-Along


 "It was awesome.   So let's see, The Violent Femmes were my first concert
and Gordon from Sesame Street was my second.  Sweet!  My life rules!"

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