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Hi Sashi!  It's time for Mommy and Daddy to help you decorate your first Christmas Tree!

I can see you're excited.  Well, the box is over there.  Have at it!

The lights are the most complicated part.

But they are twinkly and pretty


Those lights are frustrating but that's no reason to get upset, run upstairs and hide.


Mommy, bring her back down and lets start the fun part - ornaments!


That's not an ornament.  That's one of your peek-a-blocks!
And that canister is Christmassy but the actual ornaments are inside it.

Mommy thinks she's some kind of super special big shot because she has this one with her name on it

How does that remote control taste?  We'll eat some cookies while we decorate, would that be better?

You can hang that one where ever you want, but on the tree would probably be better than on your ear.

That's the Happy Little Elf that hugs the top of the tree.  Daddy will put him up on the tippy top.

There, the top half of the tree is all decorated and the bottom half, where little hands can reach, is empty.
Now lets see if Little Miss Grabby Pants can get any of them.

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  1. Sasha & The Happy Little Christmas Elf


Hey Sasha, quit reading that silly book!  You know why you're all dressed up?

Because you're going to visit Santa Clause!  Now lets practice pinching him like I showed you.  Good!

Santa's wonderland this year is sponsored by The Chronicles of Narnia


After we pass through this thinly disguised marketing ploy we can meet Him.

At first Sasha didn't know what to do.
She was all serious like she was interviewing for a job as an elf or something.


Then she turned on the "Sasha charm" and Santa immediately agreed to all of her outrageous gift demands.

At Playland, Sasha informed the other children that Santa could be easily manipulated.


She climbed to the top of a ladybug and held a quick "cutie-baby" seminar help some of the less-adorable kids.

Here's Sasha conducting some static electricity experiments

It's her belief that the 'two-fluid theory' of electricity, put forth in the18th Century by Charles François de Cisternay Du Fay, which was later opposed by Benjamin Franklin's 'one-fluid theory', was in fact a more accurate representation of the modern understanding of static phenomena.

Then she went back to reading her Big Purple Book of Bunny Stories.


Sasha gets ready to go visit her cousins up in the Freezing Northern State of New Jersey


That coat should keep you warm up in Jersey but it's not cold enough down here yet.

After stuffing themselves with a whole new box of cereal, 
Sasha and Alan quietly slip into a Lucky Charm induced coma.

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