Mother's Day

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It's Mother's Day Sasha!  And now that you're here, guess what?

This is the first year that Mother's Day actually means something to Holly!

It's not just one of those boring "giving" holidays anymore, it's now a "getting" holiday!  Hurray!

And since you're the best gift a Mommy can have, we decided to make it a fun day for you too!


Swings are fun and now Mommy can ride the shark at the park with you!

Sasha and Mommy ridin' on a shark, on a happy summer Mother's Day at Chesapeake Park

Sasha tries out her new Chinese Kung Fu outfit.  Crouching Baby, Hidden Binky

After staying up night after night watching martial arts films with Daddy,
Sasha is ready to demonstrate her deadly technique.


This first one is called "The Baby Dragon Claw of the 7th Happiness"
A poor defenseless peek-a-block falls victim
as she demonstrates her mastery


After the workout she uses this chair to strengthen her abs during meditation


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