Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman Visit Sasha!

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Grandma & Grandpa arrive.  Sasha wins the stroller race at the airport.

Grandma & Grandpa marvel at Sasha's crawling, cruising and sitting.  She's a baby on the go.

Flaunting her youth, Sasha immediately knocks over the feeble, crippled, old man

The Purple Pair:  Grandma & Sasha wear their matching outfits

Grandpa's lap is a good place to sit 
while Sasha tries out her new golden teething ring (aka Grandma's bracelet)

That bracelet might be tasty but wait till you taste this gruel!  Yum!

We watched a video about the making of the famous Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel 
and then minutes later we drove across it


Why did Grandma, Grandpa, Sasha, Holly and Alan cross the bridge?...

...To get to the other side and eat crab cakes of course!

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