Grandma & Grandpa Fisher March 2005
Back to the Beach

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Grandma and Grandpa return to Virginia Beach, and bring the Michigan weather with them

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  1. Seagulls


Soon after their arrival they remember that one of those tedious "grandchildren" lives in the area

So they stop by for a visit and pretend that was the reason for their vacation

The gifts helped to complete the illusion of the "intentional" visit

Sasha tastes the Teddy Bear label as a quality check for her present

Grandpa takes the Teddy hostage and makes Sasha crawl around the room trying to rescue it

Grandma and Sasha face off in a Crawl-Down

Grandma plays the old "who's tapping the back of your head?" game

Grandpa tries to cover the fact that he's "fallen and can't get up" by taking some floor level pictures


Soon after this picture Sasha started stealing from Grandma's purse, just like we taught her.

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  1. Purse Muncher



Before she leaves, Grandma gives Sasha a big hug (or a thorough frisk after the purse incident)


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