Comics International Presents:
 Virginia Beach's Newest Skating Sensation:  Sasha Kai

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Captions by Sasha

Sunday was back in the 70's and sunny so Daddy took me to Mt. Trashmore!

First I played a little, then I got to do some of that extreme swinging I like so much

I explored the rest of the playground but soon I got kind of bored

Then Daddy took me to see something I've never seen before - A Skate Park!!!

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  1. Skate Park

These big kids were totally thrashing, grinding and getting wicked air!

It was sooooooooooo cool!  

Later, when I was home chugging a 40 of milk, I noticed something in the corner

It was a messed up old-school Steve Caballero Powell-Peralta deck with some fat old wheels

I could sit on it, but I didn't remember any of the big kids at Trashmore doing that trick, so I stood up

It took me a sec to get my stance

I worked out a rad back-side hand plant.  Hey Daddy, am I ready to ride?

Daddy said not for a little while, but that I did good and I was already better than he ever was!

Here's me and Mommy!  I LOVE MOMMY!


I like to crawl around now and see what everyone's doing.  Hi Mommy!  I see you!

You know what else I like?  Chasing Mishka, she's my kitty!

I also like playing with Daddy.  We play "kiss-kiss" and "beep!"

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  1. Kiss-Kiss Part 1

  2. Kiss-Kiss Part 2

  3. Beep!


 That's all for now.  Later-Skaters!  Bye, bye!

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