Eat & Play:  The Hard Life of Sasha Kai

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Captions by Sasha

"Daddy, I'm hungry.  And now I'm getting upset because I'm hungry."

"Won't you please feed me?"

"Yum!  My favorite food right now is mustard.  Straight from the jar!"

"I'm just kidding, I think this is blended mac-n-cheese and I don't really like it.  
Mommy, can I have some sweet potatoes instead?"

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  1. Yum Yum Part 1

  2. Yum Yum Part 2


"It's 70 degrees and sunny!  I wanna go to a park with swings and toys!"


"This is much better.  Now take me to the swings!"

"Yeah, Yeah.  Birdies are nice but I wanna play!"

"Push me Mommy!  Higher!  Higher!"



"You nice fans of get to see me all the time..."


"...but I have to look at these weirdos.  What a couple of dorks!"

"This horsey is fun but I need more power"

"I'm a Rocket Girl!  Come ride with me Mommy!"


"Daddy, helps me walk around and explore"

"Hey Daddy, I have an idea.  I bet I could see more..."


"...if I had an aerial view.  Weeeeeeeeeeeee!"


"Don't look so surprised Daddy.  I want the stupid hat so I'm taking it!"

"Another fun day at the playground with Mommy and Daddy."

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