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Sasha is now in motion!

Gone are the days when we could leave her in one place and expect her to be there when we return

She's now free to chase the sunbeams (as they, unbeknownst to her, burn away our precious atmosphere)

The apartment is now a whole new world to explore

She's a free-range baby and nothing's gonna stop her now!  (Except her Daddy who won't let her chew on the electrical cords or explore the area around the kitty litter)

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  1. Crawling, Crawling Sasha Part 1

  2. Crawling, Crawling Sasha Part 2

  3. Crawling, Crawling Sasha Part 3

  4. Crawling, Crawling Sasha Part 4

  5. Crawling, Crawling Sasha Part 5

  6. Crawling, Crawling Sasha Part 6

Back at the mall, Sasha sits for a pose but anxiously wants to join the other kids in play
"Hurry Mommy, Take the picture!"

Sasha's little baby rump gives her a good center of gravity for standing

She can even pull herself up into a precarious standing position sometimes

I took the bassinette off the top of the Play Pen so now she is able to experience real captivity

However, after I posted these pictures 
Amnesty International
came over and negotiated a deal for her immediate release

Ever vigilant, Mishka watches over the sleeping baby
(either to protect her or wait for an opportunity to steal her breath)

Hey Sasha!  Who Loves Baby?

Apparently, Nobody Does. 

"Thanks for stopping by to see me crawl.  Bye Bye Now!"

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