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Disclaimer: The following pages of pictures are from our 2005 Summer Vacation up to Michigan at the end of June for Pompa's 90th Birthday party and to visit with everybody.  These pictures were not published until January 2006 because many of the photos were being used to create the William G. Johnson 90th Birthday Celebration DVD that chronicled the events.  The rest of the pictures that had nothing to do with Pompa's birthday were just put aside and temporarily forgotten.  Until Now!


The drive up from Virginia is a long time to be strapped in a chair.  Mommy will make it better.

"Hello everybody!  It's me Sasha!  I'm 11 months old now!  Remember me?"


First let's celebrate Pompa's big 90th birthday at Frankenmuth, MI.


Daddy gets smashed on German wine.

And embarrasses Sasha and the rest of the family.

Who wants to pose with the baby?  Mommy?  Maddie?

Dorian has a new dance partner.  Ready for the big dip Sasha?

After the dance, Dorian hooks you up with a nice cool binky.

Kisses from Grandma!


And a swarm of cousins! 

Frankenmuth has some pretty cool baby pools.


And even a giant bidet to clean off with before you float around the lazy river pool.

The family that swims together, towels off together.
Hey Sasha, do you like that horse?  Maybe you can have one just like it some day!

Now lets go and play at the arcade!

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Walking Around the Arcade


You may have escaped from your high chair but Uncle Mark captured you!  Escape is Futile!


Are you trying to make off with that picnic basket Boo-Boo?...

That'll be pretty hard considering it's just part of a mural.

OK, Time to leave Frankenmuth and it's fake yet lush grounds keeping.


Everybody stops for an ice cream dinner.


Anna licks the ice cream off your fingers then it's back to Grandma & Grandpa's for a good night's sleep.


The next morning it's breakfast on the patio.


 After you read the sports page and try to open Pompa's Birthday gift basket, of course.

(Quicktime Required)

  1. One the Patio Swing 1

  2. One the Patio Swing 2

  3. Reading the Paper

Sasha, do you like Big Boy?  No?  Well nobody does really, except your Mom.

It's Sasha & Daddy, and Daddy & Sasha,
They're happy pals, they're cuddle pals, they're Happy, Happy Cuddle Pals!

This was a great summer visit.  Thanks for letting us use your bed Grandma & Grandpa!

Before we go lets show Grandpa how you can walk one more time!

Bye bye Grandma & Grandpa & Pompa.  We'll see you again soon!


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