Walking Around With Sasha Kai

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These are some of the last pictures taken at our apartment at the end of June 2005

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  1. Learning to Walk 1

  2. Learning to Walk 2

  3. Learning to Walk 3

  4. Learning to Walk 4

This is Sasha at the park in Ghent when she was just starting to walk on her own

She still needed something to hold onto, especially when bending down to pick flowers

"I give this tree one thumb up.  I'd give it two, but I need to use my other hand to lean on it or I'll fall over!"

Sasha resting on Daddy's big soft belly at the Boardwalk

Happy Family!

"Look!  Over There.  It's a kid playing at the park who looks just like me!"

How much wood would a Sasha eat, if her Daddy would let her eat wood chips?

"Sliding is easier without shoes, everyone knows that."

"Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God, Are those swings over there?"


Sasha Kai: Frog Whisperer

"Hey, didn't I ride a rocket like this when I was little?"

Now that Sasha can walk and run,
she can have tons more fun at this indoor play ground in Norfolk

The boys LOVE Sasha.  And the other girls are already bitterly jealous.

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  1. Playland 1

  2. Playland 2

  3. Playland 3

  4. Playland 4

Sasha loves tunnels!  Maybe, if we're lucky, she'll grow up to be a famous sewer inspector!

They say walking makes you tired.  Nighty-night Sasha


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