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Last weekend we started off June with a trip to Alan's secret surfing beach
 on Pea Island in Cape Hatteras, NC

Holly and Sashi ran down to check out the waves, while Alan set up the play-tent and gear

It was an unusually foggy day but it was warm and sunny at the same time

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  1. Wave Jumpin' 1

  2. Wave Jumpin' 2

The water was warm and the waves were perfect

We all had a great day!

Sasha gets some lunch while I'm out surfing


After a bone crunching major wipe-out I came back to take a rest 
and see what was going on in the Happy Fun Beach Tent 

Sasha and I sat around in the tent while Holly got some sun, 
but soon Sasha longed to go back out to the water

So out to the waves we went

Sasha loves it when the waves come in and break over her feet

It's fun cause they just keep coming and coming

Oops!  That one kinda soaked the diaper.  

"Hey Daddy,  playing in the waves is fun but when am I gonna get some board time?"

Sasha practices her basics and fundamentals - Stance and Balance


Next time this little Grommet should be ready to ride!


Not a bad day for her first time at the beach. Cowabunga dudes!


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