Six Months of Sasha

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Sasha takes a little stroll around the bed in her sun dress to stretch her baby-legs

I told her we were doing some shots for the World's Cutest Baby Calendar.  Sasha thought the classic tummy pose would really move product 

With no understanding of the passage of time, Sasha was totally surprised by her 6 Month Birthday

She finally understood what was going on when she saw the cake and Holly whispered for her to play along or Daddy would cry 

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Happy Birthday Song

We celebrated with a fancy dinner at Hot Tuna where we let the Birthday Girl select the first round

Sasha took a picture of us and we took one of her.  
(I think I framed her photo a little better than what she did for ours.)


Sasha tries to create "photographe verite" by not acknowledging the camera.  She has been heavily influenced lately by the work of Annie Leibovitz


Sasha rolls her eyes as her father embarrasses her in public, yet again.

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