A Taste of Sasha

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We decided to start the New Year by feeding our baby for the first time!

Here she is getting a first spoonful of her white slimy tasteless gruel - Yummy!

Wiping a bit from her chin - now that's table manners!

Alan and Holly take turns with spoony-duty

That's it Sasha!  Solid food.  Is it all that you dreamed of?

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  1. Yummy Stuff Part 1

  2. Yummy Stuff Part 2


An aerial view of The Sasha-Land Super Happy Fun Play-Toy Time Activity Zone

Sasha shows off her ability to multi-task by playing with up to 30 toys at one time

Each toy is rigorously chewed and tested

Worried that I might swipe a toy, Sasha looks up with guarded apprehension as I approach her habitat

"This yellow bear is mine Daddy!  Mine, mine mine.  I'll be keeping an eye on you, fella."

"So you wanna see more of me, eh?  Just follow my directions below."

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