October, 31 2005

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Here's Sasha in a Baby Godzilla outfit.  It even makes the Godzilla roar when you push her belly!


It's a little big for her but it'll be fun to wear around the house as a dress-up play outfit.  
Especially when she starts watching Godzilla movies with Daddy.


Here's the obligatory "Pumpkin Baby" outfit that every kid must wear.


Sasha wore it to daycare on Halloween Day!

Also at daycare she decorated this great Halloween pumpkin!

Here's Sasha "The Corpse Bride" getting ready for the Screech Street Halloween Parade

She did a little practice marching around the front yard for the neighbors

I made this outfit for her by taking two cute little dresses, ripping them to pieces, sewing them back together into one bridal dress.  Then I took it out in the back yard, threw it in the mud, stomped on it, slashed it with razor blades, lit it on fire and sprayed it with black paint to give it that corpsy look.  It ended up just looking cute.

The parade was led by that Monster Fire Truck that Sasha saw a few weeks ago at the Children's Festival.


Baby Corpse Bride Poses with Mommy and Daddy before the parade

The Screech Street USA Halloween Parade begins!
( I have video of this but I can't get the file size small enough to add it to the website.  
You'll have to wait for the Sasha Year 2 DVD! )


It was kind of chilly on this day so some kids costumes were under coats but Sasha toughed it out.

Halfway through the two block parade Sasha decided to take a little rest

Then it was back to marching and on to the Halloween Carnival!

Little Spiderman was there and so were about 50 of his Spidey Clones

This little Ralphie Bunny boy had a great costume, click on the picture to enlarge it and read his little sign.

I loved this Grave Digger costume.  The real Monster Truck actually lives a few miles away just on the other side of the border in North Carolina.  I'll take Sasha to see it next summer.


Sasha and this Baby Fairy almost got into a huge fight over who was the cutest.  

Clowns looked on in hushed awe as the Baby Corpse Bride worked the crowd.


In addition to being cute, Sasha also closely monitors my heart functions.

The Post-Parade Nap


On the way home, Alan picks a peck of pumpkins at the pumpkin patch


Here are this year's pumpkins with a camera flash and below you can see them without

Holly and Fairy Angel Princess Sasha greet the trick-or-treaters

"Am I cute enough Mommy?"

"Ooooooooo!  What are those over there?"

"These carved pumpkins are scary!  I don't know if I can look upon them!"

"Noooooooo!  Stop it!  They're staring into my soul!"


Sasha sits in the porch and casts Fairy Angel spells on the kids as they claim their treats

"I wanna trick-or-treat too Mommy!  Hey you in there!  Give me CANDY!"

Sasha takes her first run at the candy bowls

"What?  I want candy so I'm taking candy.  You got a problem with that?"


"MMMMMMM candy.  Need more.  MORE!"

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Halloween 1

  2. Halloween 2

  3. Halloween 3

  4. Halloween 4

  5. Halloween 5 (Sasha goes bonkers after eating too much candy)

After choosing specific candy for a while, Sasha just closed her eyes and let chance select her next piece.

OK Sasha, if you can stop pilfering the candy for a second, 
we'll take you down the street to the Super Scary Halloween House!

Now these neighbors are really into Halloween! 


The Count greets little Sashi and shows her around his cemetery

Even the undead adore the Baby Fairy Angel Princess

And instead of candy they gave her this Teddy Bear!

Happy Halloween Everybody!


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