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Sasha and her twin from a parallel universe play patty cake

We still don't know if our Sasha is the evil twin 

But we do know that she likes Dairy Queen, so perhaps she is evil

Sashi opens her first Valentine!

Maybe next year Grandma and Grandpa will send one she can actually eat

Holly gets her card and present from Sasha

Sasha actually picked these PJ's out for Holly.  I was pushing her in the stroller through Kohls and she reached out and grabbed these pink kitty cupcake pajama bottoms as we drove by the display.


Holly gives a kiss to her favorite Valentine

One of Sasha's regular hang-outs is the giant food play-land at the MacArthur Mall in Norfolk

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Here's a happy baby sitting on the Toy Chest she got for Christmas!


"Hey Daddy, can you open this for me so I can play?"

"No?  Alright, fine!  I'll do it myself."

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