Sasha Takes The Plunge

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Sasha and Holly play a quick game of Bejeweled before we go see The Polar Plunge

It was a freezing cold blustery 50 degree day so we had to bundle up little Sasha


The Polar Plunge is a charity event for the Special Olympics that takes 
place each February here in Virginia Beach.   People get pledges and then
 all run and jump into the cold ocean at the same time, many in costume.

Here are some Plungers dressed up like glo-worms 
and some other guys that I suppose were trying to look like fat green kings?


There were a few thousand people at the event, watching and/or plunging

The Klingon High Council sent a delegate who did his best to mingle

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Polar Plunge In

  2. Polar Plunge Out

On top of Kryptonite, Superman's other weakness appears to be cold water. 
He ran out of the ocean like a little girl after the Plunge

Fred Flintstone looked kinda mad -- I think he got tricked into dressing 
in costume when no one else in his group did

I was taking a bunch of cute pictures of Sasha and Holly but then I noticed some Hooter Girls

Sasha the red nosed baby


A couple of sexy Speedo Plungers flaunt their "shrinkage"

It seemed kind of inappropriate, but I suppose there are people who will protest against anything.  Thankfully, the baby eagle chased them off before they started a riot.

I though it was cool that Spideman was there,
until he had to have his mom come fix the zipper in his costume


Sasha and Alan pose for a Daddy-Daughter picture as a mysterious stranger looks on with contempt


Sasha likes the three little birds on her stroller, but she gets really excited when she met this giant red one!


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