Mommy's Birthday and The Boardwalk Lights of Christmas

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Hey Sasha, quit stealing ornaments and hiding them amongst your toys.  You're not fooling anyone.

You know what today is?


I don't think you'll find the answer in Daddy's wallet (or any money for that matter, so you might as well quit looking)

It's Mommy's Birthday!  Hurray!


The Grinch!  The Grinch!  Mommy got the Grinch!  Let's watch it right now!


 Napoleon Dynamite and Titanic.  Mommy's Favorite movie (and Titanic too!)


Look Sasha, it's that new band all the kids are talking about:  The Beatles!


Mommy got new toasty warm slippers for those brisk 50 degree Virginia Beach nights!


What a neat present.  Little snowman cheese and cracker knives.  Would you like to hold one?


Or swallow one?

A piano playing snowman robot that sings Christmas carols.  Wow futuristic!

A gift card to Target.  Now Holly can go buy those socks she's been talking about all winter!

A card and a present from Sasha.  "Look Mommy it's me and You!  I Love You, Mommy!"

Pictures of pictures of Sasha!  The perfect gift.

Look Sasha, it's you 8 months ago when you were a baby.  Remember back then?

Hey!  Those are supposed to be Mommy's new slippers!

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  1. Mommy Slippers 1

  2. Mommy Slippers 2

"Hey Mommy, I have an idea. 
Why don't I use the money I found in Daddy's wallet and take you out to dinner for your birthday?"

"What!  They got no kids menu?  Hey P.F. Chang!  What am I supposed to eat here?"


Sasha.  This is Mommy's special birthday dinner.  Now just play with this chop stick and be nice.

"Uh, Daddy, that left turn you just made drove us right onto the boardwalk!  Are you crazy?  Hey, what's that?"


"There's Christmas lights all over the boardwalk!"

"This is the coolest thing I have ever seen!  (This week) "

A quick family portrait before we drive through the leaping tunnel of fish.  Always a sensible precaution.


That was a super fun birthday wasn't it!?  Happy Birthday Mommy!

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  1. Boardwalk Lights 1

  2. Boardwalk Lights 2

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