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Captions by Sasha

"Mommy!  Daddy!  Wake up!  I'm one year old today
and I will chew up one Simpsons doll every hour until I get some presents"

"Now, where's my party?  I heard something about a party?"

"That looks like party gear over there"

"Mommy says Grandma and Grandpa Fisher gave me this sweet high chair for my birthday"


"So I guess this is my first present of the day!"


"This is like the coolest high chair I've ever seen"

"But now I tire of it.  I believe I was promised a party?"

"Daddy actually dragged me up to the grocery store to prove it was my birthday
so he could get this cake for free.  I hope he's not this cheap for the rest of my life."

"Mommy and Daddy invited all the neighborhood kids over to eat cupcakes with me!"

"I can't believe I get to eat this whole cake all by myself"

"You can tell by my eyes that it wasn't long before the intoxicating effects of the sugar kicked in. 
Mmmmmmmm, sugar."

"This is Jasmine, one of my new pals from the neighborhood"

"The twin brothers from two doors down look out for me, they're pretty cool."

"What's this?  A cupcake?  I get to eat this too?  Does everyone get one?"

"Well if Jasmine's eating one I guess I can too!"

"Daddy said he hired this plane to fly overhead with a Happy Birthday Sasha banner. 
It flew so high nobody could really read it though.  Daddy might be a liar."

"This party rocks!  Hey, did she just take another cupcake?"

"I tell ya what Jason, I think I'm just gonna eat cake from now on."

"Another round of cupcakes for everyone!   Cheers!"

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