Sasha at the

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Sasha starts the day making the family breakfast in her new kitchen

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That was delicious Baby-Sasha, now lets go to the ECSC! (East Cost Surfing Championships)

Alan and Sasha at the Converse Scion Thrash & Jam Skate Tour

One day I expect Sasha to be getting this kind of air

Last year, when Sasha was 4 weeks old, she got really mad when we told her she couldn't go to the ECSC
 so she made us promise to take her this year

Sasha can already kinda do a hand plant like this, so all she needs now is to include the skateboard 

At the end they let the really little pee-wee kids ride the ramp. 
I'll give Sasha about 5 more years to practice then she's dropping in from the top.

Hey Sasha, quit looking at your shoe!  There's some cool girl surfers right behind you!

In about 8-12 years we'll see Sasha ripping these curls 

This guy was my favorite surfer of the heats we watched

I called him Red Shirt Guy

He caught wave after wave and was really aggressive

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At the end of his rides he would do something cool for the judges up in the grandstand like whip the board around 360 degrees up on the crest before he'd drop off 

This guy was OK, but he was no Red Shirt Guy

He did pull out of this killer turn though, and got the board totally vertical!

And Orange Shirt Guy just wishes he was Red Shirt Guy

"Ok Daddy, the surfing and the skating was fun but now I Wanna Rock!"


Sasha at her first concert.  She flashes the famous upside down "V" for The Violent Femmes

Here's a nice blurry shot of the band before I figured out how to take a night shot with my camera

Sasha was happy because the band mostly played all the old popular songs from their first two albums

The people next to us thought Sasha was so cool for coming to the show they insisted we capture the moment with an Official Family at The Violent Femmes Concert Photo

Because we were kind of far away from the stage this was the best I could do.  
I got some great video with my super zoom video camera though



Sasha loved the first half of the show but spent most of the second half gazing out into the night surf and thinking about the day when she would make her mark at the ECSC

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