A Birthday Gift from Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans

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Hi Sasha, What do you want to do today?  Play Ball?

Read a book?

Taste the new flavor of Slurpee they call Green Apple Frawg?

Or maybe just watch Sesame Street? 

Or we could go outside for a few minutes
and play with your new super terrific happy fun MEGA BOUNCER!

It's your own personal Moonwalk!

You are now the envy of every kid on the block!


It's like every day is a carnival in your own back yard!


Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy.  Hurray!

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Moonwalking 1

  2. Moonwalking 2

  3. Moonwalking 3

  4. Moonwalking 4

  5. Moonwalking 5

  6. Moonwalking 6

"Come on in Mommy.  You gotta try this thing!  It's the coolest!"

Holly and Sasha go for a roll on the Moon!

"Flip me Mommy!  Flip me!"


"I love my MEGA BOUNCER!  Thanks, Aunt Dawn and Uncle Beans.  Get up Mommy, get up and play!"


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