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Sasha, Did you catch a fishy in your basket?

That's a pretty silly looking goofy-eyed fish, huh?


The mouse eats the cookie and Sasha eats the mouse.  It's the Circle of Life

Now that you ate the mouse, let's go play at the park by our new house

Oak Springs has swings!


It's a double decker Daddy-Sasha swing


"Hold me Daddy, I'm gonna try to swing no handed!"


Hopefully Sasha likes to swing as much as I think she likes to swing

She doesn't look too upset

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  1. Sasha & Daddy Swing

  2. Walking in the Field 1

  3. Walking in the Field 2

  4. Walking in the Field 3

Mommy and Sasha run to the other side of the field where the tasty grass grows

Holly's favorite game at the park, and everywhere else, is "Kissin' Sasha"

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