Shark Park Lark

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Captions by Sasha

Oh!  Hello there.  I suppose you're here to see this weeks pictures eh?

Well, I'll show them to you, but first you must peer into the depths of this "Drawer of Horrors."

Ha!  I had you going there.  Didn't I?  That's actually just my dresser.

I was just kidding.  Now peer into my "Toy Box of Lost Souls!"  Hoo hoo haa haaa ha!


 OK, so anyway, I was crawling around the other day trying to to capture my shadow and eat it.

Daddy got bored watching my futile attempts
 and decided my energies would be better expended at a new park .

The Chesapeake City Park and Fun Forest quickly lived up to it's name.  (It has swings!)

I sat for a while, chewing this bear, and mulling over what I would play with next.

I decided to take a magical mystical trip on the back of a turtle.
"Uh, Hello?  Get off my magical turtle.  You're
like totally breaking the illusion of my imaginary ride" 


"Oh forget it man!  The moment's lost now"

As I contemplated my next play activity 
I remembered that Daddy had told me his friend Chuck was afraid of sharks.


I don't see what the big deal is.  He must be some kind of scaredy-cat.

Sure it's got pointy teeth but as far as I know, sharks are made of cement, can't close their mouth, 
and let kids play on them all day.  How bad could they be?


If I was Chuck I'd be worried about something more practical, like getting squished by a whale tail!

Hey Chuck!  You better watch out!  I got a lamb in a sweater here.  Are you scared of those too?

After a day of playing at the playground and teasing some guy who I never met, named Chuck, I got sleepy

I had a fun day Daddy.  Night, Night.  
Sharks...what a  wuss!   Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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