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Here's a shadowy (artistic?) shot of Holly, Sasha and the big bloomin' tree outside

Too big for her little sink basin, Sashi takes her baths in the grown-up tub now

She thinks it's fun to punk-up her hair and sing Ramones songs:
"Sasha is a punk-rocker, Sashi is a punk-rocker..."

It's also fun to play with this little blue seal


Until it starts to get c-c-cold


That's better.  Fluffy and warm

Sasha loves bath time, towel time...

...and naked time!

In preparation for college, we decided to teach Sasha how to drink shots

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Shot Glass Practice

She got kinda wasted and decided to pick out a DVD.
Drunkenly insisting we watch the Sa-shawshank Redemption

10 minutes into the movie, she lost interest and staggered into the next room to play with a chair

When a baby is drunk she can go from happy to despondent in a matter of seconds

Then back to happy again
She tried to fly her plane but we stopped her by taking away the keys

Then we forced her to sit under this desk until she sobered up

Ever since she noticed it, Sasha has made valiant efforts to rescue the "door monkey"

"One day I will free you "door monkey," this I swear to you"

Sasha and Holly at the park in Ghent.
"I don't remember.  What's so fun about swinging?"

"Oh yeah, I remember, it rules!  I love swinging!  Weeeeeeeee!"


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