Sasha's Baby Shower June 12th, 2004

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Here's what the party looked like before everybody showed up and trashed the place.  I was hoping this would be the first baby shower at the Fisher's that wasn't busted up by the police.  

Here's my mom who arrived fashionably early.  As usual, Tess Rowland started drinking as soon as she got there.  

By 2pm she was so loaded she thought the party was for her and started posing for pictures.  Lauren Macsay and her handler Vickie allow for the staff photographer to capture a moment.

The tiny surveillance camera that I had installed in my glasses allowed me to move discretely among the guests and photograph them for later background checks. 

Following dispersal patterns learned in adolescence, the women and men immediately broke off into gender specific peer groups.  I snapped this picture of my dad and grandpa Johnson having a discussion.  Each was talking about a completely different topic, but it was a great conversation--  since neither could hear what the other was saying anyway.  


My parents, my brother Beans and Dawn caught conspiring with Grandpa Johnson at a corner table.  Sasha's first party cake.  I wanted to save the little booties for her to eat on her first birthday but they were just too delicious.  

My father took a picture of my brother and I taking pictures of each other.  Seconds later the universe imploded due to the paradox.  A chameleon-like Larry Fisher attempts to blend in with his environment.  

Emmery Macsay makes a post-it note to remind himself how boring it is to talk to little girls.  Always on the grift, Sylvia Fisher sneaks around the party lifting wallets and picking purses.

Vickie brings the party to a stand still when she threatens to cut the cake if her demands are not met.  This is the last known picture of Holly and Alan before they opened all the baby shower presents.    

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