Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman Meet Sasha Kai
September 2004

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After a long parade of disembarking passengers at the airport, Sasha decided that these two looked like they might make good Grandparents.  

Sasha thought:  "Another Grandma and Grandpa?  How many of these do I have?"

As everybody poses for a picture Sasha shows off her new "stick out my tongue at Grandma trick" she's been working on.

Sasha shows Grandma how she plans to take Gold in the Bottle Feeding event at the 2004 Baby Olympic Games.


Grandpa beams with pride at his granddaughter's uncanny ability to drink from a bottle.

Little Princess Sasha samples the accoutrements at Grandma & Grandpa's Hotel.  Then calls out for Room Service to bring her a fresh binky and a warm carafe of Mommy Milk.

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