Sasha's First December + Mommy's Birthday

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Here's the first studio portraits of Sasha.  (They're pretty good, but I like the ones I take better!)

We took her to the studio during her regular scheduled nap-time so she didn't smile much...

...until we told her Christmas was coming!

Usually I give Sasha little airplane rides, but now that her legs are getting stronger...

...she can give me a ride!

She thought it was really funny when I caught her on the computer the other day designing a more efficient model for nuclear fusion.

Sasha and her pals Big Bird and Little Big Bird hang out together on the couch.

They're constantly whispering secrets.  I think they're talking about me! 

Here she is tromping around in her crib.  She likes standing as long as she's propped up against something.

Here she is looking a little perturbed because I interrupted her TV shows to take more pictures.

I have a cute little baby who sucks her thumb!  Hurray!

Holly's Birthday!

It's Sasha's first Holly Birthday!

Sasha helps her Mommy open presents from Mom and Dad and Grandpa

Holly thinks it's cute at first but then jealously glares as Sasha reaches for another gift.

Mishka decides she will help open presents too!  Holly gets her first birthday card from her daughter.

Sasha's present to Mommy was the Shrek DVD box set.  She's only 4 months old and she's already buying presents for other people that she actually just wants for herself.