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Here we are sitting down to our Thanksgiving feast.  All the side dishes of the Season.  

But the day started more like this:

Sasha's feet can finally touch the bottom of her play saucer ( if I put a booster pillow down there.)

She likes it a lot better now, especially when I pile it up with toys that she can chew on.


  Although, when you catch her she tries to act all innocent like she wasn't chewing anything.

Sasha likes to sample all of the available books.  She has a voracious appetite for literature.

Sasha works on her "Stand-up Routine."  So far the whole act is pretty much just her standing up.  

Quicktime Required)

  1. Flying the Plane Part 1

  2. Flying the Plane Part 2

  3. Stand in the Place Where You Live

  4. Stand in the Place Where You Live (Blooper Reel)

Unfortunately we were not able to experience the traditional Thanksgiving weather like the rest of our family.  We had to endure a sunny warm 73 degree day at the beach.  Poor little Sasha's first Thanksgiving was pretty much ruined.

As we strolled in our short sleeve shirts and watched the surfers down at the jetty we told Sasha about how her family up north was probably dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh.  

She didn't really understand but she liked it when we changed the words of the song to: "Dashing down the boardwalk; In a stroller built for one; Sasha's first Thanksgiving, was-a sunny warm day of fun!"

When we got down to the inlet, Sasha kicked over this sign...

...and insisted that I carry her out on the rocks into the ocean so she could get a closer look at the surfers.


Then on the way home from the beach she wanted to stop and play at the Mt. Trashmore playground again!

Then it was time for a bath.  It was a long sunny fun day of adventures so we had to clean up before dinner.

Squeaky clean, from our head down to our toes!

We were going to celebrate Sasha's 4 Month Birthday on Tuesday but somebody just couldn't wait.

Our neighbor Roz has become Sasha's biggest benefactor.  Here's the new saucer full of toys she bought for her.  It was a Thanksgiving miracle!

Our entire apartment is becoming a never-ending play land for Sasha - weeeee!

Quicktime Required)

  1. New Toys Part 1

  2. New Toys Part 2

  3. New Toys Part 3

Here's Sashi's little (huge and scary) spider friend who lives outside the window next to her play pen. 

This thing scares me every single morning when I open the blinds.