Sasha's First Autumn

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Every night down here has an awesome sunset like this.

Sashi and her Mommy get ready to go out for Thai food!

It was kinda chilly that night so she got to try out her dynamite new dinosaur outfit.

"Come on Dad, quit taking pictures!  I wanna go to Bangkok Garden!"

I had November 1st off work so Sasha and I went out for lunch, I bought her some new kicks and then we went to the playground for the first time!

Sasha's first ride on the swings at Mt. Trashmore, 

Sasha was fascinated by her first day on a playground with lots of other children around.

No matter how high I pushed her she just didn't have the weight to flip a full 360 over the bar. 
Maybe next time!

Swinging is fun but looking at the kid in the swing next to her was apparently more interesting.


I'll assume that's curiosity and not contempt in her little eyes.

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  1. Sasha's First Swing Part 1

  2. Sasha's First Swing Part 2

Although we tried to tell her it wasn't a sure thing, Sasha insisted on screaming out her support for Kerry all night during the Presidential election.  I didn't have the heart to tell her the next day that her stump speech wasn't enough and that those jerks in Ohio had totally let her, and the rest of the world, down.