Behind the Scenes Tour at Sasha's World

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Captions by Sasha

Hi!  Welcome to Sasha's World.  People have been wondering just how we produce this high quality website, so here's a peek behind the scenes at Sasha's World HQ

I wake up every day around 11 am and take my private jet to the S.W. offices in beautiful sunny warm Virginia Beach, VA.

This, as you can see, is my executive suite, where the "magic" happens.

I start most days at my desk writing or reviewing photos for publication on the website.

What?  You don't believe me?

You don't know me very well.  Do you?

Anyway, I work and work, until about 11:30am.

Then I review all that I've accomplished for the day and make revisions.

But I don't do it alone...

I have a full staff of "quack" writers who punch up the jokes and captions for the photos.

If they make me laugh, then I know it's funny and ready for publication.

Then I get some Bozo to do the publishing and web design for me.  This guy's a slacker so I have to constantly supervise him.  

And periodically I have to blast him with this Star Trek Phaser when his work displeases me.

Don't tell him, but I'm probably going to outsource his job to this plastic toy Mr. Potato Head next week.   I don't expect the quality of the work will suffer.

I know you're surprised at how much I participate in the inner workings here at Sasha's World but it's not all work for the boss.

I spend most of my day kicking back in my office, listening to tunes, while that chimp who I hired to do the web design does all the real work.

Well that's the tour.  Thanks for visiting my website.  Come back again soon!