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Captions by Sasha

Daddy thought posing me on this fish at The Neptune Festival seemed appropriate.  Simple things make Daddy happy.

I don't want to alarm you Daddy, but there's a giant hot ball of fire in the sky up there!

One Day I'll make sand castles like these.

This first one has some neato arches and a nice tall tower and the other one has a big fishy!

The Nazgul on the left was one of Daddy's favorites.  I'm beginning to think that Daddy is a nerd.

I LOVE the Teddy Bear one cuz I have Teddy Bears and I love them!

This one with the 2 dragons was kinda scary but I figured they'd eat the bigger girl here in the corner before they'd come after me.

The one with the girls holding hands was nice but the pointy one was really really tall!  Like a zillion feet or something.

Mommy kept me cool in the shade and the ocean breeze blew across my face. 

This was the largest crowd I've ever seen.  As far as I know everyone in the world must have been here today.  One day me and Daddy will get bike racks for our surfboards like this kid in the red shirt has.

At first it was fun when Daddy held me....then after a while it got kinda boring.

They should Call this the "Neptune Yawn Festival."  Wait... What's that over there?  More beach?

I like looking at the people on the beach.  Mommy says I can play there next year!

Daddy will just hold me forever if I don't do something.  Maybe I'll lean back into an adorable pose and see what happens.

Oh look.  A pink fish this time.  Didn't we just do this a few hours ago?