Baby Sasha`s Play Day 

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This Preying Mantis was wandering around out on the porch the other day.

So I strapped a tiny little camera on it's back and dropped it into the playpen with Sashi as she slept.

Sasha is constantly relating a story about some fish she caught that gets bigger each time she tells it.


Finally I realized that she was referring to the little fish that hangs from her mobile.

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  1. Play Pen Fun Part 1
  2. Play Pen Fun Part 2

After a demonstration of her fishing technique she used her baby-mind control to get me to fetch her a bottle.

As you can tell from this photo series, I'm figuring out how to use the Close-up function on the camera.

A Pamper Scamper is defined as:  The act of rolling around Mom and Dad's bed in a fresh new diaper.

Sashi squirmed around and posed for a picture with me.

After a brief discussion she agreed to sit for one more shot.

Then she showed off her "assisted walking" skills. 

Tired from a day of playing and posing, Little Sasha drifts off to sleep and dreams of starring in the next Home Alone movie.

As the sun sets in the West, the Napping Cuddle Buddies settle in for an early evening snooze.