Sashi & Mommy 

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Captions by Sasha

Hi Daddy!  Me and Mommy are bouncing!  HIGHER MOMMY!  BOUNCE ME HIGHER I SAY!

Bouncing is just what we like to do.                     What?  You got a problem with that?

I think I bit my tongue from all that bouncing.  Mommy will cuddle me and make it better.

This is where I usually sit on the couch with Daddy.  Where is he?

Oh, He's taking pictures again.  I don't think I've ever seen Daddy without that camera.  

Watch this Daddy.  Me and Mommy will do a perfect pose for you!  How was that?

OK Daddy.  We want to be alone now.      You still here?  I said beat it!

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  1. Bouncy Bounce