One Month Cute

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Daddy lets me sleep in his lap whenever I want.  Just gimme the bottle man, I can hold it by myself!

See, I can do it if I concentrate.  All hail Sasha, Queen of the big-bed.

I'm watching you.  Don't try anything funny!   Hey, that baby over there looks just like me!

This is my serious baby-model face.  And this is me just kicking back between photo shoots.

What's out that window over there?  A tree?  What's a tree?  And Little Sashi-locks said "This bed fits just right."

Daddy is obsessed with Hello Kitty stuff so I will indulge him for a couple of photos.


Come on Kitty.  Lets get out of here before Daddy comes up with more poses.

I will now hypnotize you with my penetrating love stare and rhythmic binky sucking.

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  1. Wave Hello
  2. Wiggle Worm
  3. Hi There!