Sasha... Week Four

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There's nothing more beautiful than a mother and daughter sleeping peacefully side by side with their fists gently clenched in rage.  And look, another shot of Sasha sleeping.  Whoop-dee-doo!

It was sad when we found out that our 4 week old baby needed glasses.  She only needs them for reading though. 

This is everyone's favorite Sasha face.  We call it her "kissy-face."  She does this all the time.  Ask Mrs. Fisher to do her impersonation next time you see her. 

Here's Sasha demonstrating her advanced range of emotions over a period of about 3 seconds. 

She is starting to enjoy the swing the neighbor gave her.  Actually Holly and I are the one's who really enjoy it.  Guess why.

Here's me in my standard evening TV watching position but now I have this little person who sleeps on me all the time. 

Sashi craves human touch.  She's very pathetic and needy.

Here she is all clean and bright after her 4 week celebratory bath.  Hurray!

Such a happy baby!  And when she's not happy Mommy gags her with this scream-plug.

Then Mommy is happy too!