Sasha... Week Two

Captions Provided by Sasha

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These 4 pictures represent some of my many moods after getting a bath.  Content...Confused...

Coquettish... and then Content again!  

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  1. Clean Baby pt. 1
  2. Clean Baby pt. 2
  3. Clean Baby pt. 3

Daddy and me got loaded the other night watching Dawn of the Dead on DVD.

When I woke up I was strapped into this chair, wearing a big floppy hat and sitting on a table at some sort of "iced creamery."

Mommy bought treats for her and piggy Daddy but I didn't get nuthin'!

I suppose I shouldn't complain.  I tried some of Daddy's and it was gross!

It was more fun to just sit outside in the sun and watch Mommy eat hers.

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  1. Sasha at Dairy Queen

Mishka takes the lower bunk and guards me at night while I'm sleeping.  She's a good kitty.