Sasha... Week ONE Part 2

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Here's the gift basket that Sasha received from my team at EDS.

Here she is enjoying her baby jail from Uncle Beans and Aunt Dawny Pants


Sasha's first bath.  

Mommy works the body.

Daddy takes care of the head.

Then it was time to get dry and warm and happy again!

Mommy's finger is always a good snack between meals.  

On our way to Sasha's first pediatrician appointment.  There's no large version of this family picture because it was too blurry.  That's the last time I let a 4 year old take our picture.

The waiting room at Dr. Kevorkian's office.

I have a clingy new little pal to watch TV with me.  The only problem is she's always falling asleep during the shows and movies and I have to keep telling her what she missed so she can follow the plots.

Sasha takes time to stare and bond with her food dispenser.  

Snuggle Time with Holly.  The best times of the day.

New Video Clip of Sasha's 1st Dr. Visit 
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Video Clip:

  1. First Dr. Visit