Sasha... Week ONE Part 1

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Last night (8/4/04) we tried to dress her up and pose her for a few pictures with these blocks I made but she was a little too sleepy.

These pictures were taken in her aqua bouncer on Thursday (8/5/04) morning.  I tried to distract her while Holly slept for a few minutes.

Here's me and Sasha watching TV last night (8/4/04).  Well I guess I was the only one really watching.

The aqua bouncer is a good distraction and soother.  It vibrates and does a little bubble and song show that produces some happy and/or confused faces.

I took this one of me and Sashi in the middle of the night on Tuesday (8/3/04).  Here I am multi-tasking as I take care of both the babies (Mishka and Sasha) at once.  The battle to win my affection has begun. 

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