Captions Provided by Sasha

Daddy says you can click on the pictures to see them big if you wanna!


  This is my room.  I can't wait to sleep in my new bed.  It looks snuggly and soft.  And there's dolphins and baby turtles and Snoopy and my Hello Kitty doll!

Here's Mommy acting like a showcase model on The Price is Right.  I think Daddy likes that doll more than I do, he's obsessed with Hello Kitty stuff.  

Mommy tries to stand behind my new dresser but her belly pops out cause I'm in there!  Daddy shows off my new ducky bathrobe.

Here's a good picture of me during my last days in Mommy.  She can't wait until she can visit me in my super happy fun crib.  

This is where Daddy will diaper me.  How embarrassing.  Don't look at it!  Here's Mommy packing her suitcase to go to the hospital.  I'm planning on coming out in the next week or so.   

Here's my play-yard / bassinette / changing table, or as Uncle Beans calls it - My "Baby Shawshank Play Set."  Here's Daddy doing his impression of Abu Ghraib prison guard Lynndie England

This is my bouncer.  It vibrates and plays songs and makes bubbles!  How cool is that?!!!  Here's Mommy peeking back at my new car seat.  It's strapped in tight and ready to bring me home to my new room.  Hurray!