Sasha's First Full Day

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Sasha was born at Chesapeake General Hospital.  Here she is waking up on her first full day.

She likes it best when Mommy cuddles her.   During nap-time Alan sneaks across the street for lunch.

Flowers from The Grandma and Grandpa Wiseman on one side and Grandma and Grandpa Fisher on the other. 

Here she is casting a blessing over us.  And tenting her fingers for her first Mr. Burns impression.  Eeexxcelllent!

One of the first things she learned was that I will pick her up and play with her whenever she cries out.  I think she's using me.

Here she is explaining to me that she's in charge now.

See Video Clips of Sasha Moving, Squeaking and Yawning!  
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Video Clips:

  1. Squeaky Yawn
  2. Daddy, Stop Poking Me!
  3. Binky Time
  4. The Big Yawn