Sasha Is Here!

Born on 7/30/04 
(Holly & Alan's 10th Wedding Anniversary)
5:33pm, Weight 7lbs 13oz, 18 Inches Long

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Here's Holly doped up on happy drugs before we found out that it was going to be a Cesarean Section.  Here's me suited up in my Andromeda Strain gear looking like John Kerry on a Space Shuttle tour. 

This is what Sasha must have thought I looked like at first.  No wonder she was freaked.  This next shot is basically the first picture of her taken while still in the operating room.  About 2 or 3 minutes old.

Here she is getting weighed in and then suited up for her first elevator ride up the the 4th floor hospital nursery.

Me messing around with her in the nursery (She's about 10 minutes old at this point.)  Here's her first bath and hair washing.  She hated it. 

Her first diaper and her first binky.  She's officially a baby now. 

Holly finally gets to come up to the recovery room after surgery.  Alan and Sasha together at last!

Kissin' the baby and cuddlin' cheek to cheek.

She's so tiny.  Her head is about as big as an apple. 

She was sleepy by now.  It had been an exhausting 4 hours for her.  Holly was sleepy too so I tucked them both in for the night and came home to download pictures.






Introducing Sasha Kai Wiseman