10-12 Weeks Old

These are the first pictures of the baby.  On the ultrasound she appears to be relaxing and trying to suck on her hand.  Already as lazy as me!  I'm so proud.  (For a larger view click the picture)

The reason these ultrasound pictures are so clear is because we live right next to EVMS (Eastern Virginia Medical School) which is one of the world leaders in Obstetrics.  So they have fancy-pants 3-D high tech equipment.  The real time view on the video monitor was even more amazing.  You could see her squirming around and kicking, her little mouth opening and closing.  It was hilarious. 

The picture on the left here is probably the best of the bunch.  It has the most detail with both legs visible.  The creepy looking one on the right is a forward frontal shot.  So that's her spooky little skull-face, her two little arms and her little round belly.

Here she is finally getting that hand closer to her mouth.  At this point in her development her heart, kidneys, lungs, and stomach are developing as well as her brain, eyes, mouth, inner ears, arms and legs.  Her face is coming together and elbows, knees, fingers, and toes have formed.  She can kick, make a fist, turn her head, squint and frown.  She is about 3 inches long and weighs about an ounce.

This final picture is of lesser quality because it was taken the week before on normal ultrasound equipment at Holly's baby doctor office.  Unfortunately it's like an aerial shot from the top down so all you really see is her big head.  This was the first photo I saw and I was disappointed.  It looked like the baby was in a little turtle shell or something.