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Sasha slept through most of her last day in the hospital (See video clips below)

This picture is a little blurry but look at that happy little smile!  
I had to remove the color from this one of Sasha and me snoozing in the hospital bed because it was cute but my lack of sleep over the last few days has discolored my eyelids and I kinda looked like a zombie.  

Here's a close up of Sashi sleeping on me.  Time to go home!  Holly and Sasha get a ride to the front door.

All strapped in and ready to ride.  She looks peaceful here but she had her first little tantrum when we buckled her in.  She claustrophobic like her Mommy.  

Welcome Home Sasha!  Here is that bedroom we've been telling you about!

The tour of the room soon became overwhelming.  All this cool new stuff to look at.  But this Mommy is familiar.  


Daddy hugs his new little pal Sasha just like Snoopy hugs his buddy Woodstock!

New Video Clips of Sasha's Homecoming Day!
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Video Clips:

  1. The Wake Up Song
  2. Sleepy Baby
  3. Sasha Meets Her Crib
  4. Sensory Overload