Grandma & Grandpa Fisher Meet Sasha Kai
August 2004

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Here's Holly enjoying the last moments she will get to hold Sasha before we opened the door and let the Grandparents in.  

Two seconds later she was snatched from her mother's embrace as expected.

Grandma and Grandpa get their first real look at the baby.  Although disappointed, they agree to be photographed with her.

Grandpa makes a feeble attempt to hold Sasha but Grandma will not let her go so soon.  Then Grandpa puts his arm around Holly trying to act as if this was what he was trying to do in the first place.  

Grandma explains that she will not be putting the baby down for hours so everyone had better just get used to it.

Grandpa's fake smile barely masks his resentment while Holly drowns her sorrow in a hard cider apple beer.  

Sometime the next day the little family is reunited.

While Holly is very gentle with Sasha, I prefer to give her little "wet-willies" with my pinky when she's sleeping.  She hates it, but I still think it's funny. 

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