20 Weeks Old

These are the most recent pictures of the baby at 20 weeks.  Unfortunately these images were taken using the regular ultrasound equipment at the baby doctor office so the quality is not as good as the super clear ones we received last time at EVMS.  I tried to brighten up the resolution as best as I could.  These are probably the creepiest looking pictures we'll have of the baby.  (For a larger view click the picture)

These two are my favorites of the bunch.  In the first one it actually looks like she knew the camera was there and she's waving at us!   That little arm was next to her head swinging back and forth as she was jostled around.  There was one image on the monitor where she was reclining on her other arm and she actually yawned while we were watching.  Apparently she's already extremely bored with the whole gestation process.  The second picture is the scariest looking one.  The legs and arms hunched up under the bent spine and the enlarged cranium with prominent jaws and little razor sharp teeth look just like the fetus in the Alien movies!  For a side by side comparison please click here.  

These two are similar views.  In the first one you can see her heart (that little round thing in her chest) and in the second one some ribs and spine.  At this point in her development she is 8-10 inches long.  She weighs 14 ounces.  She can flip around and do somersaults.  She can recognize sound (so I'm trying to eliminate some of the numerous colorful obscenities that pepper my speech patterns.)  She has regular periods of wakefulness and sleep.  She can make funny little faces as evidenced by that giant  yawn we witnessed.  She also has eyebrows and head hair.  

These two images will be known as "The Freak Show" exhibits.  In the first you can see her arms and legs drawn up toward her abdomen and the lower half of her head.  It reminds me of a scary looking zombie Teddy bear.  The second one is the most unnatural of the lot.  It's hard to distinguish any human features.  It looks like a lone human spinal column with a huge bird skull attached to it.  The circle in the upside down bird head resembles a giant eye with a sharp beak pointing back towards the tail?  H.R. Giger would be proud. 

These last two images show the baby's foot from an under the womb angled shot.  They also show that the ultrasound tech at the baby clinic is not the least bit interested in capturing decent freeze-print images for the parents.