New Art by Sasha Kai: 03/06/06

"Lis De l'Eau par Sasha" 2006

Heavily influenced by the work of Classic Impressionist Claude Monet, Sasha has created the painting "Lis De l'Eau par Sasha"
As the green and blue of summer quickly take hold in Southern Virginia, 
Sasha was moved to create this homage to the ever-changing nature of color and light.

Hello, and welcome to The
Presented here you will find some of the most recent work of the young artist.  Bound by no particular technique or school of thought, Sasha is able to work successfully in a number of mediums and styles.  Through bursts of creativity and self expression we witness the aesthetic of the artist.  

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Sasha's First Drawing 8/29/05


Work in Crayon

At this time Sasha's Orange Period was in full blossom.  Though presented with eight crayons, the almost exclusive reliance on a single color and the more intense than usual pressure applied, resulted in Sasha's most powerful composition to date.  The obvious anger and resentment depicted were most likely the result of the coloring exercise being used as a distraction from some other activity that she was denied participation.

Here we see an experimentation in Green and Yellow.  The first efforts toward the vertical linear style that she would adopt in the future are quickly cancelled out by the Red and Purple that was used to quickly conceal the attempt.

Drawn two days after going to see her first fireworks display, the bending and swerve of the lines here may be an attempt to recreate those explosions of light.  This Naturalism is seldom seen in the work of a one year old.

Using her now perfected vertical linear style Sasha is able to employ more color.  Note the pitch and balance, while at the same time the importance of the empty space between the lines.  For it is in that colorless void that passion is born.

At daycare, prefabricated coloring pages are used but Sasha rarely works within their constraints.  Although the pattern at the center of the page draws the eye, it is the triangular mountain peaks, in the upper and lower right corners, that create a serene figurative Mt. Fuji-like habitat in which the butterflies can flourish.

Work in Paint

"Autumnal Cardinal" exibit #2 in the Virginia Fall Color Landscape Series

The story:  In the fall of 2005 Sasha was commissioned to create a painting for her Grandma & Grandpa Fisher that represented her impression of the "Virginia fall color landscape."  The resulting piece is featured below:

Of the work commissioned at the time, this painting was, by far, the most striking.  After seeing it displayed on Grandma & Grandpa's refrigerator over Christmas, I decided that I would ask Sasha to add another piece to the "Virginia Fall Color Landscape Series" that could be displayed here at the house.  

On January 15th, 2006 Sasha dashed her brush across the canvas and created what is, without a doubt,  her most virtuosi work to date.  "Autumnal Cardinal" represents several new and exciting examples of a burgeoning talent destined to add her brilliance to the palette of history.

The first, and most obvious, aspect is the inclusion of the Virginia State bird: The Cardinal.


We see here a very naturalistic representation of the cardinal as it takes to the air, leaving it's branch and entering a swirl of colorful autumn leaves.  Most impressive is the movement, represented by the trail of the leaves, as they dance hither and fro on the warm fall breeze.   The cardinal's outstretched wings, with feathers flexed upward in flight, have also adopted the colors of the season in it's richly textured plumage.


With paint, her first foray into the medium displayed here, we see an adept use of brushwork and texture.  An obvious alla prima watercolor method was employed although some colors do overlap.

Work in Marker

The obvious abundance of green and blue indicate that the artist here attempted to recreate the underwater flora of the seascape that was missing from the achromatic background.  Perspective is also enhanced by the other colors, providing depth that hint the darkness of the nautical environs. 

Work in Sticker

When one works "in sticker" it is the placement that defines the logic of the composition.  In this case the alligator is confined while the other animals at the zoo roam free.  Interestingly it is the lion, the only other "predator" species that seems to be trying to free the caged alligator.







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