At the end of the 20th Century Chuck Wood and I had spent about 15 years recording music together.  We even performed live a couple of times in East Lansing, Michigan.  Since you probably know me, I'm sure that I have forced you to listen to our music at one time or another.  Thank you for humoring me.  For those of you who were sincere in your praise, here's the MP3's of our best cover work.  The Waltz #2 EP.  Produced by my little brother Glen (Beans) Wiseman.  

Waltz #2 (1999) originally by Elliott Smith
Emma J (2001) originally by Brendan Benson
Sittin' Pretty (1999) originally by Brendan Benson
Crosseyed (1999) originally by Brendan Benson
Don't Lets Start (1999) originally by They Might Be Giants

Rare! Chuck and Alan Live in Concert Photo. circa 1991-1992


Special Request by Craig Verity for the Jef Till composed song "Empty Glass" (1987 or 1988?).  Chuck Wood on Guitar, Jef Till on Bass and back-up vocals, Jack the drum machine on percussion, and Alan on lead vocals.  This terrible recording I believe was produced by Groves High School A.V. Department Head Kendall Jones.  Turn it up loud!