The Friends of Alan Loyalty Quiz Results Page

Attention!  If you have not taken the quiz you're like totally on the wrong page!

So now we both know what you're worth to me.  However, you may believe that getting a score of 5 or 6 is a good thing so I have been compelled to explain how very wrong you are. 

The following is a breakdown of your new ranking with 10 being the score you may all aspire to:

Correct 10  A perfect 10 is my bestest friend.  They appreciate my elegant poetry, and completely understand how important I am.

Correct 9  A score of 9 literally sickens me.  If I've known you longer than a year then you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Correct 8  This a tolerable score.  It's actually the highest score possible if you practice a religion of any kind!

Correct 7  With a 7 you have the benefit of doubt.  Perhaps something happened to you during the testing or you just have trouble reading.

Correct 6 - 4  This is the range where you have done little more than completely justify my paranoia.  I knew someone was out to get me but I never thought it would be you!

Correct 3 - 1  You are obviously a complete stranger to me. 

Correct 0  You are a good person.  I wish you the best.  Have pity upon those who scored higher.

Taking the test again is recommended but the scoring is cumulative. Ranking higher the second time does not put you entirely in my graces.  I'm probably still horribly disappointed by your initial and therefore "real" feelings about me.

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