The Wide World of War News
       Special Edition
A Charles Foster Kane Media International Publication
March 26, 2003

Entertainment News
Oscar Winner and Liberal Activist Michael Moore Apparently Stuns World by Speaking Out Against War 

Question of the Day

We're Still Mad at France, Right?

Handsome CNN News Correspondent Embedding War Groupies Nightly

  Ohio State University Grad Student Supports Troops By Dropping Classes and Watching 24 Hour War News Coverage

"Greatest" American Hero Deployed to Iraq, Enemy Troops Surrender to Hilarity

Dolphins Join Coalition of the Willing.  Aquatic Mammal's Desert Fighting Abilities Unknown


Sand Storms and Giant Dune Worms Disrupt Coalition Advance Toward Baghdad

Gulf War Veteran Wakes From 12 Year Coma, Immediately Sent Back To Front Lines

Quantum Targeting Missile Kills Little Girl Who Would Have One Day Given Birth to Future Iraqi Dictator