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July 2017: Coming Soon!

June 2017: Paradisus: Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  Summer Vacation 2017

Captions Coming Soon!

June 2017: Pre-Mexico Haircuts & Wonder Woman

May 2017: Strawberry Picking, Free Comic Day, Tidewater Comicon, Mother's Day, Grandma & Grandpa Fisher Visit, Goodbye Swingset, SLIME!

Captions Coming Soon!

April 2017: April Fools Day, Alan at Work, Alan's Birthday, Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman Visit, Easter 

Captions Coming Soon!

March 2017:  Anya Wins Citizen of the Month, Vintage Sasha, Kong Day, Lost Photos from Massachusetts

Captions Coming Soon!

February 2017: A Summer Day at Trashmore, Charity Bowling, Tour of Sasha's New School

January 2017: The Blizzard, Last Gamenight with Hansens, Frozen Bubbles, Alan at Work, Anya Hamilton, First scoot at the park

December 2016: Holly's 50th Birthday, Star Wars & Christmas

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