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September 2018: Neighborhood Ducks, "Hurricane" Florence, Airshow, School Picnic, Alan in Atlantic City, Neptune Festival Art Show

August 2018: Anya's Room, Office fair, Sasha's Room, Beach Day, Sasha's Birthday Sleepover, Water Park

July 2018: Norfolk Crew, Anya Birthday, 4th of July, Last time doing things at Old House, Moving to the new house, Sasha Birthday

June 2018: Waltzing Anya, IHOB, Fathers Day Fun, Old House for Sale, New House, Alan at "Work"

May 2018:  Lantern Asia at Botanical Gardens, Cosplay at Alan's work, Beach Scooting, Comicon 2018, New Bike for Anya, Williams Farm Skatepark & Peter Pan at Sasha's School

April 2018: Trashmore Skatepark, Easter, Alan's Birthday, The End of Toys R Us, Haircuts!

March 2018:  Washington DC - March For Our Lives

February 2018: Citizen of the Month, Star Trek Meeting, Black Panther, T-Shirt Day, Mount Trashmore Skate Park

January 2018: Bomb Cyclone & Les MisÚrables

December 2017:  Tree Trimming, Holly's Birthday & Christmas!

November 2017: Golf!  Thanksgiving with Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman, Yorktown, School Art, The Parchman Hour, Sasha & Megan, Date Night, School Pics

October 2017: The Book of Mormon Experience, Mini Pumpkins, Putt Putt Golf, School Chorus, More Pumpkins, Alan's Golf Pals, Halloween

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