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February 2017: A Summer Day at Trashmore, Charity Bowling, Tour of Sasha's New School

January 2017: The Blizzard, Last Gamenight with Hansens, Frozen Bubbles, Alan at Work, Anya Hamilton, First scoot at the park

December 2016: Holly's 50th Birthday, Star Wars & Christmas

November 2016: Super Moon, Grandma & Grandpa Thanksgiving Visit, The Mariner's Museum

October 2016: Tsum Tsum Land, Hurricanes, Movies and Halloween

September 2016: First Day of School, Last Bay Day, Ocean Breeze Waterpark, Boardwalk with Uncle Beans, Neptune Fest

August 2016: Trip to Michigan, Bay Day with The Whale, Sasha Sleep Over Party, Anya Arcade Days

July 2016: Trip to Cape Cod, Massachusetts

June 2016: Sasha School End of the Year Awards, Fathers Day, Toy Sale at Flea Market, Turtle attack at Adventure Island, Beach Bay Day

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